CILS Benefactors Inc. A 501(c)3 corporation registered as a charity in the State of Colorado, United States Supporting International Legal Education and Training
Donate General donations to CILS Benefactors Inc. can be made through the GoFundMe, Fidelity Charitable, Network for Good, and ALMA Philanthropies links, below right, or the credit card Donate link directly below: Select specific programs (LL.M. scholarships, FDI Moot grants, visiting professorships, internships) supported by CILS Benefactors Inc. by clicking the PayPal Donate link below:
Do you have an Individual retirement account (IRA), are you 70½ years or older, and are you a United States taxpayer? There may be significant tax advantages in contributing to CILS Benefactors Inc. directly from your IRA account. A qualified charitable distribution allows individuals to donate up to $100,000 to a qualified charity (such as CILS Benefactors Inc.) directly from a taxable IRA instead of taking required minimum distributions. Thus, donors may avoid being pushed to higher income tax brackets and prevent phaseouts of other tax deductions. If you want to use your IRA, click the Information logo link, below, and we will send transfer instructions to you.
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General donations to CILS Benefactors Inc. can be made through the GoFundMe link below. Or you can designate specific programs sponsored by CILS Benefactors Inc. simply by clicking the PayPal Donate button below. In either case, indicate the amount you wish to contribute, and you will receive a receipt for the donation. All contributions are tax deductible for those with United States tax liability.
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